Did you eat breakfast today?

When my family was on public assistance we often ate breakfast for supper, but seldom ate breakfast for breakfast. I actually skipped it most mornings in an effort to make the items in our pantry stretch, and most especially so that W would always, always, always have food.

Now breakfast is our favorite meal of the day. W and I sit at our dining room table and talk about our plans for the day. If it is during the week we are sometimes scrambling, but I know if W doesn’t have fuel to get through the morning it will be a disaster.

What are you like if you don’t eat in the morning? I know I am a complete crank and not able to focus.

We are entering into a dangerous time for kids in America right now. The holidays. With kids out of school on holiday breaks many children will not have access to school meals and therefore will not eat.

This is a season of giving right now. Many of us sat around tables this past week with the people that we hold most dear. We passed food to each other, we help hands as we gave thanks, we left the table with full bellies and warm hearts.

You can now continue that feeling of thanks and giving by helping children that need you. As you start to make your holiday gift lists consider giving the gift of “No Kid Hungry” by making a donation in someone’s name.

Giving directly is simple and powerful. Giving $46 would feed one child for a year. Right now 1 in 5 children in America are food insecure. Share Our Strength is trying to raise $300,000 by November 30th. They are so close! Let’s make this happen.

Watch this video about how programs like Share Our Strength help make breakfasts available to children.

Please help me spread the word about this.

Tell me what you had for breakfast today or let me know that you shared this post:

For every 5th comment on this post I will make a donation to Share Our Strength.


  1. Leaving a comment to get the ball rolling!

  2. Good post. Breakfast is really so important. I know there are kids at my kids’ school who wouldn’t be eating breakfast if not for the free breakfast provided by the school every morning. I’m going to encourage my kids to donate some of their charity money to “No Kid Hungry.”

  3. My daughter goes to a Title One school and the entire school – whether they qualify or not – gets a free, hot breakfast every morning. Several schools in our county stay open during the holidays and summer break, specifically to serve food to the kids. I can’t imagine not being able to feed my kids breakfast – both my girls eat *something* every morning before they leave the house, even though they both eat at their preschool/before school program.

    I had steel cut oats with dried cranberries this morning. Pregnancy craving (cranberries) + the need for extra fiber. My girls ate pretzels (I didn’t say they always ate well at home), but I know they’ll have waffles, fruit and milk for breakfast before starting their day.

  4. Becca Bernstein says:

    What a great post and a lovely contribution, Dresden. For me, I ate yogurt and granola. My kids ate oatmeal and bananas.

  5. It is these little things we take for granted. It breaks my heart to know their are so many kids out there who are going without. Thanks for sharing this great organization with us!

  6. My daughter’s school is also a Title One school and the line in the morning for breakfast is very very long. It hurts my heart to know that those same kids may be going hungry on breaks from school. Thank you for sharing this organization.

    I’m not personally a breakfast eater, but my daughter had cereal. It’s her favorite and she will choose that over a hot breakfast most days.

  7. Thanks for doing this, Dresden. My son’s elementary school is not in a neighborhood that’s considered particularly poor (compared to other schools in the city), but a large portion of the student body qualifies for free/reduced lunch and breakfast is always free for all students. Our church supports 40 children by sending them home on Fridays with a backpack full of nutritious snacks and shelf stable milk/juice to address the very issue you’ve talked about, that kids won’t get enough when they’re out of school. It only costs $4/week to send a kid home with food and I know they’re sharing it with siblings and parents. Amazing how far a little bit can go.

  8. My kids school has morning breakfast every morning for free. We never partake because the food is not food allergic safe. The school used to be open all summer with lunch and breakfast but since they no longer have summer school due to school budget cuts it is closed.

    The home and school at my kids school sent families identified as food insecure home with $50 gift card to the supermarket the day before Thanksgiving which I only knew about because I was in the office as they called the kids to come get a non descriptive envelope to bring home to their parents with no embarrassment.

    Great cause.

  9. Wonderful post, I shared on FB. And I will make a donation as my dads Xmas present, he’s impossible to shop for!

  10. Hey there! I shared on facebook and twitter!

  11. Lovely idea. I had a veggie omelet and toast (Tartan’s BFF is craving eggs).

  12. Thanks for posting about this important issue. Our community just started a weekend backpack program for children whose families struggle with food security. Each child gets a backpack filled with kid-friendly/kid-accessible food each Friday afternoon (after school) to see them through the weekend.

  13. I’m gonna make a donation in honor of your donations Dresden!!

  14. Wonderful idea. I do wish the food served at school had more nutrition, but at least it is something.

  15. I had scrambled eggs and toast and fake bacon. I am usually not a breakfast person so this is kind of unusual for me. Often I gaze into the fridge looking in vain for something that appeals to me. My favorite breakfast is usually leftovers from last night’s dinner. :)

  16. I had a granola bar for breakfast. When my girl started daycare, she was provided with breakfast, but I always made sure she ate before she left home, because I wanted her to be in the habit of eating breakfast. She is. She now eats 2-3 breakfasts most days. :)

    We’ve got our donation cards for our local food pantry waiting for me to send out my check…

  17. I had a homemade cinnamon roll. I do not take having food for granted. We grew up pretty poor until I was in high school. Going without is something I know all to well. Great post! I will be donating some food items and what little cash I have to local programs helping kids/families here. I hope and pray everyone does what they can to help others. Not just this holiday season but all year.

  18. I forgot to eat breakfast today but Elizabeth had pancakes and syrup. I have been having waffles made into a sandwich with Nutella and strawberries inside lately.

  19. What a great thing to support. I really can’t imagine not having enough to eat.

  20. I had a fried egg, toast and an apple.

    Years ago I read a blog post (I don’t remember where) from somebody who had “wonky” (human) eggs that were improved after consuming (chicken) eggs over a span of time. It stuck with me, and I’ve been obsessively eating eggs for breakfast since starting to try to get pregnant.

  21. What a great post Dresden! My kids had waffles with bananas (18 month old) and cold cereal (6 year old). My oldest usually eats breakfast at school, but was home sick today. As I was pouring his cereal this morning, I wondered myself what happens to the kids who depend on school meals, over holiday breaks. My family doesn’t necessarily ‘depend’ on them so-to-speak, but school meals are definitely a blessing around here (sometimes I swear the 6year old must have a tape worm the way he puts back food!)

    Does anyone have any advice on how to start a weekend backpack program? I know a large percentage of children at my sons school would benefit from such programs.

  22. I had Boost Glucose Control (Chocolote) and a lot of water. I also shared this on FB. Hunger is a huge problem in all of our communities and I think it’s important that we do whatever we can to assure that no one, especially a child, is hungry.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  23. tweeted , FB, pinned and googled , and shared everywhere :)

  24. Your message is very important. I read about this cause on Amysue’s page on FB and I reposted it on my page. I hope people listen. I hope people take action. I will.

    I had leftover pancakes and bacon for breakfast with black coffee from beans my husband roasted himself. I try to eat something every morning – it is important for everyone.

  25. I had half of a bacon-egg-cheese taco from the cafe at work. Thanks for spreading the news for such a great cause!!!

  26. I had raisin toast with my daughters. Breakfast is so important.

  27. I have been working on making breakfast a must in my house. It’s hard at times; I like to sleep in!


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