On the wires

A few weeks ago W happened to look up at the wires crisscrossing our neighborhood that bring us everything from cable to electricity. He was mesmerized by something sitting on the wire. “Mama! What’s that?”

It was a family of birds just hanging out on the wires.

Later that afternoon when we were stretched out across the dining room table with crayons and paper he asked if I could draw birds on a wire for him.

When W sees something outside in nature he is inspired and that inspiration feeds so much of him. Seeing trees sway in the wind will turn up into a silly dance move before supper. Seeing butterflies flit about vibrant shrubs makes W think about colors and patterns.

Discover The Forest and Get Your Community Outdoors is looking for ideas to get families outside and loving nature. My idea is to create nature bingo geared towards toddlers. Having a list and a game would be fun to open their eyes to the outdoor world.

If I could design it instead of words or numbers I would have images to make it easy to play.

If you have a community outdoor idea submit it today!


  1. I love this idea!

  2. Fantastic idea!

  3. I found this website over the summer that allows you to make your own bingo cards. You can use word or pictures and customize it any way you want – I thought you might enjoy it and make some for W for all kinds of things. I used it with my Girl Scouts at Camp. I am not being paid to promote this but anything that makes having fun easier I am willing to share!!


  4. I just had to comment because Jackson recently discovered wires, too! He asks about them nearly every day on the drive home from daycare. I love toddlers’ curiosity!

  5. You’ve been nominated for a Leibster Award! See my blog for instructions.

    I still ask questions about wires and nature ๐Ÿ˜‰

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