i carry your heart with me

I have not been able to breathe this week. Every hour was just one more hour closer to friday. Today. The day that I pinned all of my hopes on. Today was an ultrasound day.

It would have been presumptuous of me to expect to see a heartbeat. But I expected it anyway. I have been chanting, “heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat” all week. Willing it to be. Desperate for it to be.

This morning I saw Tartan’s heartbeat. Everything is measuring perfectly. And I cross another day off the long list of hurdles to go.

I return to the clinic in two weeks and I am to have found an OB by then. (OMGOB)


  1. YES!!!! (Beautiful poem, we had it in our wedding)

    congrats again. Good going Tartan!

  2. Love <3

  3. ????!!! I am so happy to hear this!!!

  4. Yay! What great news!! I love the new name! :)

  5. Yesss!!

  6. Excellent news!


  8. so excited for you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. What a joyous day it is! Congrats on reaching another milestone!

  10. Yippee!

  11. Best news all week. Grow Tartan Grow..

  12. YAY!!!

  13. Wonderful, fantastic news! It’s too bad that second beta had to scare you so bad, because the rest of this is looking textbook perfect. Congrats!!

  14. Stalking Sarah says:


  15. !!!!!!

  16. YAY!!!!

  17. Wonderful news!!! Congrats!

  18. O. M. G. You’re gonna have another baybeee!!!

    P.S. Whoever in Philly who plans Dresden’s shower, put me on the list. I’m coming with little plaid things!

  19. That’s so awesome!! :) :)

  20. You make me all weepy, I’m so happy for you.

  21. Oh, my dearest. So glad for you!

  22. I am bubbling with happiness for you, D!

  23. Yay!!!!!

  24. I’m so happy for you!!

  25. It’s been such an awful week, I am particularly grateful to end it with such wonderful news. Yay!

  26. This, I love. xoxo

  27. Woooot! Yay! :)

  28. I read often but don’t comment much. You have been on my mind all week. So glad to hear such great news! :)

  29. Sigh. I have been waiting to hear this good news!

  30. Congratualations! I haven’t read your blog for a while–what a great day to visit!

  31. Yippee!!!! : )

  32. Hooray!!!! It’s time for another magic baby!

  33. Congratulations! Wonderful news!

  34. So very happy to see this news! :)

  35. Yeah! Continued good luck.

  36. I am looking forward to “watching” your family grow!!!! Best wishes.

  37. YAY!! Thrilled for you!

  38. I went to see Marisa Peer a few years ago when I was in the grip of secondary infertility and feeling extremely down and stressed out by the whole process of trying to conceive. Her sessions were amazing and totally changed the way I approached trying to get pregnant and my subsequent pregnancy. The negativity and fear faded away and I felt a renewed positivity and confidence that I would conceive and stay pregnant.
    I read marisa’s book Trying to get Pregnant (and Succeeding)as I embarked on IVF and on my first cycle became pregnant with triplets! I feel that Marisa played a hugely positive role in helping me to have another baby (well, three!) and I feel very, very lucky to have found her. Her methods really work.

  39. This had (somehow, unforgivably) fallen off my radar. And only just now did I remember to check in. HOLY SQUEEEEEEE!!!! For what it’s worth (& not to steal your thunder), it looks like we might be rather close on due dates…

    Congrats dear!

  40. OMG. I should have congratulated you on Saturday. CONGRATS!!!

  41. YES! YES! YES!

  42. :) Mazel tov. Every week is another week closer.

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