It’s an Earl Grey Day

Gusty winds, blustery cool temperatures, a horrible head cold and a migraine that won’t exit properly.

earl grey

What got you through the week?


  1. Peanut M&Ms.

  2. manannie oakley says:

    Looking foraward to Friday got me through! Love you and gentle healing.

  3. Oohhh. I had that kind of migraine this week too. So sorry for you.
    What got me through the week was take-out for the family more nights than I’d care to admit. (all)

  4. Lots of chai tea lattes. Mmmmm.

  5. Coffee. Lots of coffee.

  6. Knowing that I had today off. And yes, a nice cup of tea always helps! ; )

  7. Singing in the Rain – the movie, not the activity, though that may have worked equally well!

  8. hoping you are feeling better today. Maybe the weekend took the “BAD STUFF” away.
    I saw the Anderson Cooper and Seminar on Broadway on Wed…and it was a gorgeous day in NYC, it made the week bearable. :)

  9. Barefootmeds says:

    You need rooibos tea. Nope, not spam. It’s just my duty as South African to spread the love. It always makes me feel better. Caffeine free.

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