It really is a whole new world

There is much to process and blog but I am in a quiet mood right now. Foggy, if you will. I guess it is the emotional symptom of making such a big change. The, “now what?” moment after turning the corner. To be honest I am surprised by how nervous and scared I am. Usually I can take giant leaps into the unknown (with thoughtful planning, of course) and be and feel resilient. And I know I will get my shine back soon, but just now, and maybe it is just today, just this morning, I am afraid.

foggy day1


  1. Fitting that the atmosphere yesterday matched your mood. ♥ Totally understandable, and it will be soon enough that you feel you again. *smishes*

  2. I know, after reading you for all this time, that you’re going to be just fine. I hope you find your shine soon, and as usual–gorgeous photo.

  3. Cali, you life has been in such upheaval since G died, it seems like a a foggy, quiet period could be just what you need to gather your strenght for the next phase.

  4. Hoping that things soon start feeling calmer and more settled.

  5. I hope it only lasts a little bit and your shine is back!

  6. Happy Late Thanksgiving!!! Just read this post and the last one…. I also have facebook and would love to follow you there also if that is ok… let me know please. Thanks

  7. I could have written the same thing. I’m so very scared of the unknown. I hope that we both are able to clear the fog soon.

  8. Completely understandable. Let us know if there’s any way we can help you feel more settled. Looking forward to seeing you and W at some point SOON.

  9. You can certainly let the rest of us believe in you for a little while. As you can see, we are many. <3

  10. What you are feeling is normal. It will come and go at odd times and at the most inconvient moments. It’s like someone told me “You have to let go of the branch your holding onto,which is famiiar in order to get the momentum you need to reach and take hold of the new branch”.You can’t think “well what if i miss the branch and fall?” Well what if you don’t and managed to grab ahold with both hands?

  11. It’s different now though than when you were younger and less needed by others with fewer financial obligations. Ya know? I’m similarly less inclined to be ok with giant change now when it was fine before.

  12. It’s such a huge step and a huge leap of faith…how could anyone NOT feel a bit lost and fogged? (((hugs))) Here for you always.

  13. Sorry I’ve been such a terrible commenter. I’ve been thinking of you lots.

    Of course you’re feeling unsettled. So much in so little time. Today’s windy weather probably doesn’t help. Sorry the strong winds have blown away most of the foliage. You deserved a little tree p0rn.

    But can I just say how thrilled I am that you’re so much closer geographically now? After all the crazy traveling you’ve done lately, a road trip to NYC is easy! I don’t offer this to just anyone, but I do have a futon sofa.

  14. Hugs, girl! The sun will shine soon!

  15. Change is hard. Being in a new space is hard. Here’s my fear–Paz told me that there are crickets around the place. Have you seen them? That girl likes to freak me out.

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