Aunt Becky’s card came to my house and did some stuff

So Aunt Becky went to Blogher but because she passed out drunk and forgot left early she didn’t get a chance to pass out her swank business cards out. What’s a gal to do? I asked her to send one of her cards on vacation here in sunny Florida and I would try to show it a good time.

But I should have known better. Aunt Becky’s card had a mind of its own…

So here is Aunt Becky’s card arriving all posh and shit. I had to sign a contract that said I wouldn’t look it in its eyes.
aunt becky cards5

Then Aunt Becky’s card wanted to get some sun. Topless of course. Totally inappropriate for my neighborhood.
aunt becky cards3

Next Aunt Becky’s card went in search of some grass
aunt becky cards1

And was too janked up to remember where I left the spare key
aunt becky cards4

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