One year ago today a kind and lovely tech in a Northeast fertility clinic thawed two embryos and piped some Barry White tunes into the lab. I dared to hope. I dared to believe.

It’s not a question that I will attempt to answer here: the, “when did W begin” question. But I do know that the actions that lead to his place in my life were in motion long before he was an embryo. His journey into my family began years and years ago. The twists, the turns, the set backs, the hurt, the pain, the bleeding, the sorrow. They were all moments that could have derailed me and in some instances they certainly delayed me.

So with so many variables in the fact that is W I find myself reaching out to touch the dates that have been most significant for us. April 1, 2008 was the day the internets reached through the computer and helped begin the process to make an FET possible. July 13, 2008 was the day embryos were thawed. And July 14, 2008 was the day that “what would become W” became a part of me.

To look back to one year ago…so much has changed.

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  1. A precious miracle, indeed.

  2. Just beautiful, Cali. So glad I’ve been able to follow your story through so much change and see how amazing you are as a mom, and how wonderful W is.

  3. So happy for you.

  4. ♥ So glad that he is here today.

  5. He sure did thaw out good, huh? I can’t believe it was a year ago all ready!!! Time flies when you’re havin’ fun!

  6. The weird part is that I can’t believe that was only a year ago! I guess it was right after Adam moved in. Crazy.

  7. *GRIN*

    I will say that he’s much cuter now.

  8. If he keeps getting more adorable at the same rate, by this time next year, people’s heads will explode just looking at him.

  9. Tears of joy <— me.

  10. Such a miracle!

  11. Yeah, like they said…much improved that W is!

    Cali – you are a great mother with a wicked personality and flare for the technical. Is there a better blend?

  12. gypsygrrl says:

    i’ve been thinking of you this week and our visit in hazy-hot-humid northeast and crabcakes and fudgecookies and a grover book given with so much hope for those two embryos…

    love you,

  13. Congrats! And SUCH a sweetie.

  14. :)

  15. Yay baby!!

  16. Aunt Patti says:

    It’s amazing to reflect back on the exact day it all happened and to have an actual photo of the embryo that became W! INcredible.

  17. If I could say I have any regrets at all over how this happened, it’d be that I don’t have my embryo pic (yea, cuz it happened naturally, woe is me). And it’s a dumb thing to think, I know, but it’s very very cool that you have this pic and this milestone to compare. Very very cool.

  18. I, too, hold onto those dates and celebrate them. December 21 was the date of my insemination, and sometimes it feels silly, three years later, to still remember and care about that date…..but I do.

    Who knew that fuzzy embryo pic would grow into something as gorgeous as W??? He is truly a miracle…..and you are an amazing and inspiring mommmy.

  19. And isn’t he LOVELY?!

  20. This post just makes me smile – amazing how much can change in one year.

  21. well put, as always dear. i’m so over the moon for you and the manifestation of your joy.

  22. Man-Annie Oakley says:

    Not only are you blessed by the fact of W, but all of us are blessed to know you both (wether face to face or by blog only). To have been able to follow on this tumultuous journey with you, to cry with you, to hold your hand, to laugh with you, to throw snarky barbs at the deserving with you… we are all so blessed. And you are both so very loved. Hip Hip Hooray for Calli and W!!!!

  23. Congratulations again and again! He’s beautiful, and so is his mom.

  24. Happy one year together!

  25. Jennette says:

    Isn’t it funny how we celebrate or reflect on this special date – the “making” of our miracle IVF babies….when nobody reflects on that other event that often results in a baby for other women wink wink, just the birth! We celebrate every single rocky step to the getting of our children. I love it! Just wish we had a picture of our precious embryo prior to the transfer – they don’t offer such things at my Australian clinic. But I sure remember well the day.
    Happy One Year Together Cali and W.

  26. I can’t tell if he looks more like the embryo on the left or the one on the right — perhaps you can take his picture from another angle for comparison?

    Congrats, Calliope!

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