Good things: attainable and not

I have been thinking a lot about what makes a person happy. Even wrote a post about optimism over here. And while good health, good family, and good faith can go a long ass way to attaining happiness, there are some other things that can do the job in a pinch.

And since I am feeling especially happy now that something majorly awful* has now been fixed I thought I would open up the discussion on what things make YOU happy- even if it is just the idea of it.

(*you know you live in Florida when your air conditioner dies in what turns out to be the prologue to a 4 day aria of heat wave hell and when the repair man finally shows up you learn that the reason for the broken down unit is a rotting dead corpse of a lizard that has literally warped and corroded the wires. EW!)

So here is my list of things that make me happy divided in two easy to muse on lists- attainable and not.


  • TV! I have been happy by many things on tv these days. I am also excited about things to come. Currently this list includes: Law & Order: CI (oh snap is Jeff Goldblum a hot mess!), anything Dickens on Masterpiece Theatre, My Boys on TBS (tell me you guys are watching this show), No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, Being Erica (yes it is on Soap- but it is so good) and counting down the days for The Bachelorette and So You Think You Can Dance.
  • Reading to W
  • Ice coffee
  • Counting down the days for a visit with Dr. Molly, my dear friend (& one of W’s Godparents), also plotting how we can keep her down here…
  • fiber pop tarts- yes. For real. The chocolate flavored one is the awesome.

Not Attainable– but still the idea makes me smile:

  • Active Wii. Just saw this demonstrated on tv and damn does it look cool. Not that I even have a Wii, but I am a sucker for a good demo.
  • iphones. Which, for anyone that has called me on my cell, is most certainly a joke as I SUCK with cell phones. But doesn’t the IDEA of an iphone just make you happy? I think I like to imagine a happy life style that would go along with it.
  • That cube car that is always advertised during Heroes. Cute, right?
  • Reading about new books in magazines and imagining sitting in a cold climate cafe and reading for hours.

So what attainable and not attainable things make you happy these days?

(& honestly the reason I am clinging on to how to get happy is because Mother and I have been watching the Alzheimer’s project on HBO and sobbing at a reflection of our life that is so accurate it shocks us.)


  1. happy things
    half-and-half. i think i fall asleep every night inside a loop of envisioning myself pouring the creamy stuff into my coffee
    digging in the dirt, and watching seeds grow into the green and the edible (actually, mostly this keeps me sane)
    making lists of all the things i should do, will do, would like to someday entertain the idea of doing – though too much of this backfires and makes me feel simply incompetent
    and running – which makes me so unbelievably happy that i really should do it all day long every day – instead i manage a few times a week and can never figure out why

  2. I think I saw you tweet the other day that you enjoy The Number One Ladies Detective Agency–that show ROCKS! I never knew it was a book series–did you read it? So yes, that is an attainable happy thing!

    Unattainable: a new camera that costs about $800…

    Mmmmm pop tarts…

  3. Aunt Patti says:

    Did you happen to see that special by Michael J. Fox “Adventures of an Incurable Optimist?” It was awesome. I was especially taken with him trotting through Bhutan like nothing was wrong w/him! (He attributes it to either the altitude, the meds for altitude sickness, or the incredible optimism of the people there.) He’s got a new book out, too, same title.
    I love me some Jeff Goldblum, too. And I think “In Plain Sight” has been awesome. And I love “My Boys,” too!
    Attainable, looking forward to a fun party this weekend with many old friends. And hoping for some fun TRAVEL very soon!
    Nothing is really unattainable, you know.

  4. Attainable things that make me happy
    Finishing projects around the house. This weekend I FINALLY finished my backyard. I built a little deck over the crappy looking concrete. I have about 5 other projects that I need to finish up. This weekend I realized how happy completing something makes me feel.

    TV Makes me happy. Plain and Simple.

    Dropping by my sisters house and getting smothered in hugs by Ava and Ryan because they didn’t know I was coming over.

    A new kitchen to replace the ghetto kitchen in my house.

    To lose 50 pounds in 2 months before my coworkers wedding

    Traveling the US and UK visiting blog friends for an entire summer!

  5. Attainable:

    Photography – my version of therapy.
    Snuggling in bed with a five year old (never mind that he is sick, I will take the snuggles however they come).
    The small fortune in cheesecake consumed over Mother’s Day weekend.
    Watching the birds come to my new butterfly and hummingbird garden that I have almost got finished.

    Not attainable:

    Leaving OK. At least not do-able for now…but I like to dream about it.
    Vacation – somewhere adventurous, some place warm. Maybe back to Costa Rica.

  6. Man-Annie Oakley says:

    Attainable: My 9th anniversary trip with my hubby this weekend to a cool town about 3 hours away. —- Daffodils, attainable but soooo fleeting. —- Getting my garden planted in a couple of weeks, and watching the success and being able to cut our families grocery bills in half with my new talent for canning. —- Taking the summer off of work to be with my 7 year old, to go exploring old aboandoned houses, play in the woods, go swimming, go to museums… —- Cooking over an open fire. —- Making music and recording our first album with my hubby. — Getting my clinical nutritionist and Master herbalist liscences this summer.

    Not-so-attainable: Getting out of Conrad, at least not in the forseeable future. —- Owning farmland in the Mississippi delta and having an operational organic farm with goats and sheep. —- Visiting somewhere tropical. —– Being more politically active (I know this sounds contrary but i really would like to be, I just have no time, so i satisfy my itch by filling out every petition i get….). —- Living near my mommy. —- Getting to gaze personally into little WW eyes before he is 17….damnit.

    Love you!

  7. Aunt Patti says:

    Duh, I should have read your other post. Glad you watched the MJ Fox special and enjoyed it. He’s such a cutie!

  8. Hmm.
    Curling up in my bed with snuggly kitties.
    Reading a good book.
    Spending time with my friends (sometimes attainable and sometimes not so much).
    Watching all my plants grow.
    Traveling more.
    Living on the beach (with a view).

  9. The Wii Fit is on my unattainable list too. Looks fun. Maybe for my birthday.

    Attainable: cooking things. Mmmm. Makes me happy.

  10. I don’t even know. Attainable (oh please, I hope): a stress free trip to visit my mother’s relatives (and my mom and dad who are visiting at the same time. Unattainable: Pain free teething. Wow, one track mind for me lately.

  11. Attainable things making me happy:

    $12.50 bathing suits from Old Navy — I’m getting married in two months and needed to wear SOMETHING on my honeymoon but have zero budget for that and literally all of my bathing suits have either disappeared or don’t fit or got stolen in Mexico (long story) so basically I really needed a new one and Old Navy had a sale, and let’s just say they made my dreams come true. I bought one that I love, and one that is perfectly acceptable, and really what more could you ask for in a bathing suit. (Though the trying-on was traumatic as usual.)

    Coffee — seriously coffee is the one thing I can’t live without, and I love my Don Francisco’s Hawaiian Hazelnut that I make every morning. I actually look forward to it at bedtime, thinking, as soon as I wake up, I can have some. I’m drinking it right now!

    TV making me happy: Amazing Race (though it’s over wahh), Survivor (thinking about twists that could possibly happen this Thursday that could keep Coach in the game), Lost finale coming up, and looking forward to Project Runway soon and of course MAD MEN!!! in only three months… (I also saw the premiere of The Fashion Show and though it was a blatant rip off, I really liked it.)

    Things that are unattainable include — a bigger apartment or a house, a new summer wardrobe, and I seriously want a Wii and an iPhone as well.

  12. Oh, I am SO happy that you get Being Erica down there! I am totally in love with it and desperate hoping that the wildly dysfunctional CBC renews it for a second season. It’s great that it’s reaching a wider audience and hopefully that will help it get picked up again.

    As for me and the attainable things, I’d really like to get our spending a bit more under control so I’ll feel more prepared for this baby. I’m less worried about buying baby things (the donations are already lining up) than I am about my income being cut essentially in half. Eek. I’d also like to cut down on my current commitments, but just haven’t yet figured out a way to do that yet. Unattainable – buying the great cottage that is for sale at the lake where all of our friends go, but is in the opposite direction of my in-laws’ cottage. Boo. And a permanent state of un-heartburn would be really nice, too, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  13. I watched the first two installments of the Alzheimer’s Project yesterday, thought of you and your family, and wondered if you were following along, too.

    The only show on your list that I actively watch is So You Think You Can Dance, and I’m waiting impatiently for it. I need to catch a First Ladies’ marathon and record it because I’ve yet to watch an entire episode in peace and in its entirety.

    My attainables are:
    *Sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday mornings
    *Summer break in T-minus 8 school days
    *crisp, cool watermelon wedges
    *family game night
    *evening snuggles and TV time with Frank

    *A bigger house (we’re good for now but more space would be groovy)
    *a new career in infertility counseling
    *a sexy swimsuit and an equally sexy body to put it on
    *being 100% debt-free
    *my sister getting her act together

    And somewhere between the two is wanting this transfer to result in a healthy, full-term, live baby. I guess it’s attainable, but not having the outcome 100% in my control makes it unattainable.

  14. Happiness is knowing that all comes from above and within. Your greatest happiness lives outside of you now. Treasure all your days, even the seemingly despairing ones. They will not last forever and will lead to the sunshine above.

  15. Fun stuff!!! I love happy posts. :) I haven’t done one in a while.

    Thanks for your comment chicky poo. You’re right, I DID work hard damn it. 😉

  16. I’ve been thinking alot about feeling happy – aka, satisfied from within and without…

    and – I would be soooooo happy if my house was just clutter free and organzied – and STAY THAT WAY

    I suppose that falls in to both categories.

  17. I am sooooooo addicted to my iphone!!!

  18. And I should add that on my teacher’s salary, I technically shouldn’t have enough money to attain the iphone (or two since C. has one, too!), but I attain it anyway… lol. Oh, and the lizard body reminds me of our last house, and our air conditioning (window unit) quit, and we found out it was because of all these dead ladybugs inside it. It was a LOT of dead ladybugs!

  19. oh, man, that air conditioning ordeal sounds horrid. i live in texas so i feel your pain. so glad you got it fixed.

    attainable things that make me happy:
    *watching big love on netflix.
    *clean floors. i love mopping
    *snuggling in for a nap with my baby
    *FOOD. the breastfeeding hunger is all-consuming.

    unattainable: i am not sure i want to go there right now!

  20. attainable happy things–great hair. I mean incredibly fantabulous awesomely gorgeous great hair. The half-assed desire to grow it long quickly nipped itself in the bud, and I’m now sporting a tres sexy do with brilliant red highlights that, as soon as they fade, will be replaced with brilliant pink highlights. Anyone in the DFW area who needs a stylist, shoot me an email! Yoga, losing weight (-27 pounds since I went vegan), rebuilding a friendship that I thought was irreparably damaged, doggy kisses, oatmeal for breakfast every Saturday morning when I meet my parents at the diner, talking to my husband on the phone when he’s out of town.

    not so attainable happy things–gorgeous dresses & shoes & handbags. I’m rather a clothes whore, and only my size has kept me from going completely crazy. If I ever managed to get down to a 10 or 12, though, watch out.

  21. attainable happy

    ~~~ being a nurse. like SOON. making my patient’s laugh, and feel better.

    ~~~ working in a Military Hospital, caring for my beloved military (see item #1 in UNattainable)

    ~~~ having my own fucking place for the first time in my life: the goal is early december

    ~~~ letting my nursing school friends claim & love me, and heal the parts of my heart so bruised from the not-beloning.

    ~~~ being the nurse for a WWII Marine Veteran (this is more honour than happy, but still…i got teary-eyed listening to his heart…)

    ~~~ homemade cards from kids

    ~~~ seeing The Closer billboard ad on the way to clinical every morning (June 8th)

    ~~~ taking a sexy girl out to dinner and laughing/talking for hours, knowing she likes the time we spend together as much as i do, i.e. *twinkling*

    ~~~ serious & very mutual flirting via txt messages, knowing the next time i see said sexygirl, i am going to kiss her

    ~~~ having a dog in my future

    unattainable happy

    ~~~ being a Marine (wont happen in this lifetime, but i still love to think of it)

    ~~~ having my own house (not banking on this, but still the thoughts of a wee house with a fenced in backyard including one bigdog [german shepherd or doberman] feeds my soul)

  22. It’s nice to see your happiness coming through in the blog. That makes me happy! [Even though I am a lame blog reader these days as I never get caught up.]

    Attainable happiness – a moment of feeling at peace, thinking that I’m finally getting healthy, watching Little Dorrit on Unattainable happiness – the longing for a boyfriend and baby.

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